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Web Development Process

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From strategic planning to design to a live launch, Chase New Media’s process model serves as a road map to project development.

Seven points to a job’s completion.

Chase New Media works with clients to establish a vision for organizational advancement, then works to identify areas in which technology can support achieving these goals. Once the gaps are identified, a tactical implementation plan provides a road map for the development of technical and business solutions. Key deliverables of strategic planning include a scorecard based upon identified key success factors that allow clients to track the effectiveness of these strategies over time.

Once strategies are defined, we develop a proof-of-concept for technical business solutions. Tactical objectives such as content development, site look and feel, online marketing, functionality, and technical requirements are identified.

Upon approval of the design and structure, we develop a prototype. The purpose of the prototype is to identify problem areas in the design, allow for formal usability testing and refinement, and ensure that the design and underlying technology can be properly integrated.

After the client has approved the prototype, we develop the full solution for the target launch date. During this phase we integrate the designed front-end with the underlying technology infrastructure, including databases and electronic commerce servers.

Once your project is near complete we go through a process called Q&A. This is going through the entire site and verifying the correct placement of content, as well as ensuring quality from a technological and usability standpoint. Quality is paramount at Chase New Media.

6. LAUNCH (release)
We support full roll-out of the enterprise solution to the customer base. We assist in the technical process of releasing the enterprise-wide solution, and support the development of new policies or procedures that accompany the release.

Additionally, we educate our clients about the power of their site and help to identify trends that may impact their business. We continue to partner with our clients by providing such services as the development of additional content and formats, problem resolution, technical guidance, and development of future initiatives.