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We combine Social Media, SEO and content marketing to tell your story and drive traffic. Our strategic approach to digital marketing drives results that you can measure.

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Using the power of the Internet we help clients get the word out on your business through various online marketing efforts.

Anything you do online to get people’s attention and more eye-balls on your website, blog or social media accounts, counts as online marketing.

There are 7 major categories of online marketing.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM), which is the paid version of SEO.
  • Content marketing, where marketers try to create valuable media and content and distribute those to potential future customers.
  • Social media marketing, Using one or several social media channels to engage with customers, build relationships and then send them to your products or services.
  • Pay per click advertising (or PPC) Includes Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter advertising. Most social networks offer inline ads that integrate naturally into their feeds. Pay for clicks to your website.
  • Affiliate marketing related to referral marketing, you share profits with fellow marketers in exchange for promoting your products.
    Email marketing, Also called permission marketing and considered old school, it is still one of the most effective marketing channels