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Googles new upgrade “Caffeine” and how it affects you?

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Googles new upgrade “Caffeine” and how it affects you?

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Behind The New Release of Google Caffeine Changes are in store for seo and web developers

On June 8th Google release it’s new version of Google search called “Caffeine”. An upgrade If you will. On their blog, Google states that the web has evolved and so must Google. Claiming faster and more detailed results of the web. Basically, bigger, better, faster.

Some think this release is a response to Bing. This new search has a focus on increasing speed, relevancy, accuracy, and the index volume, things that Microsoft really does well with Bing. Even though it’s been in the works long time before Bing launched, it feels as if Google “Caffeine” is leveling the playing field.

In a quest to provide more relevant results for each query and index more of the web, Caffeine is utilizing real-time search traffic that previously only encompassed breaking news stories. With Facebook and Twitter creating millions of updates each day, the old Google’s day-or-two delay will no longer do. Also, the increase of semantic search, localized keywords and local SEO will also play a part in the new Google.

What does this mean to the average user.

The average user will notice faster and more accurate results. They may realize that they no longer have to click though several pages to find exactly what they where looking for. This will be a seamless transition and almost undetectable by the average Joe. There will also be an improvement on localized results.

What does this mean to developers

For web developers and SEO companes it’s a different story. Google touts that “oh… SEO stuff will work the same… just keep doing what your doing.” This is slowly turning out to be untrue.

Remember in 2009, Google made between 350 and 550 changes in its organic search algorithms. It’s not advantageous For Google to let you to know how it all works so you can’t manipulate the results.
Because Google will be more accurate it will be harder to fool Google. To rank well in a Google Caffeine world, you need to think about how you can encourage other people to want to link back to you within a meaningful context.

Below are some items that help you improve, or at least not loose, your positioning.

Website Speed and Page Load Time: Google now places a greater importance on the speed and reliability of your website. Incorporating speed means that page load times are going to come into play more than in the past. While it is standard to have a low page load time, 2-3 secondsand a page size of 30k or less, it now hold more weight.

Keywords and Phrases: Keyword relevancy is now more important than it has been in the past. This means more fine tuning for your SEO campaign. This will help filter out some of the sites that are more about spam and SEO than they are about the quality of content they produce.History of URL Purchase – buying your domain for a few years in advance (5-10yrs) shows dedication to the domain, and thus gives it a higher value.

A Greater Value on Real-Time Web
Real-time web integrating like Twitter and Facebook updates directly into their search results will now have greater importance. This means that utilizing social media and social bookmarking as part of your SEO strategy will not only assist in ranking within the real-time search results, but will also help Google index your content faster.

Quality Content
Google Caffeine has been created to find the highest quality content at fastest speeds and then to serve it up to the user in real time. Producing and posting high quality content to your website and then actively promoting it online will be critical to building authority and achieving SEO rankings.

Site Authority
This is the big question… how do you get site authority. Well, no one has a definite answer. What we do know is that it includes having all kinds of backlinks pointing to different pages of the site, especially the homepage (hence a high homepage PR), and has lots of fresh contents (anything new will do) and last but not least, it is old.

Ads: It seems that your PPC management will become more important as well. Caffeine puts more emphasis on organic search results, rather than paid advertisements, so the ads that you do pursue are even more individually important.

The bottom line… Google wants to server up better, faster and more relevant results to its end users. In so doing it will make things a bit harder on SEO, but will pay off in the end providing you have something relevant to say or talk about. This will definitely weed out spam and guick thoughtless uploads. In the upcoming days it will separate the men from the boys in search engine optimization.

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