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We combine Social Media, SEO and content marketing to tell your story and drive traffic. Our strategic approach to digital marketing drives results that you can measure.

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Web Design and Advertising

web samplesChase New Media has over 23 years in advertising and web design. We have helped companies of all sizes to create a professional presence online that does more than just inform the customers of what you do. CNM knows the value of a complete online marketing strategy which includes getting visitors to your site, capturing vital email addresses, and helping your company’s bottom line.

Take your business to the next level of success.

Chase New Media (CNM) is a South Florida advertising and web development company. We provide quality, customized marketing solutions online or offline to help your business succeed.

Latest News

Googles new upgrade “Caffeine” and how it affects you?

Behind The New Release of Google Caffeine Changes are in store for seo and web developers On June 8th Google release it’s new version of Google search called “Caffeine”. An upgrade If you will. On their blog, Google states that the web has evolved and so must Google. Claiming faster…

Utilizing Instagram for Your Business

The impact of social media is squarely upon us. Many Generation X’rs and Millennials are moving away from Facebook and into Instagram. Instagram is taking a strong hold in the social media market and it not just for photos anymore. The ability to post short videos can be very powerful…

Infographic: Social Media Graphic Sizes Cheat Sheet

Enjoy this great infographic that show you all the major social media graphic sizes. Includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instragram and Pintrest.

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